Owego Elementary School

Status - 09/23/2011
Our second load of supplies will be delivered to Owego this weekend.

We have collected $760 for gift cards.

Thank You!
Sallita Ballard
Jessica Bardelli
Sandy & Ken Bardelli
Gary Barnabo
The Barnabo Boys
Bethel Public Library
Eric Bott
Darlene Carey
Dean Casterline
Luigi & Ellen Cazzaniga
Angel Chiappetta
Joy Crowe
Sarah DeShan
Cathy Drury
English Apothecary
Katie Fortier
Friends of the Bethel Library
Stella Gruenbacher
Connie Hemphill
The Johnston Family
Kathy Keener
Rich & Nancy Kelly
Sarah Kelsey
Christopher LoGiudice
Nancy Marchak
Wendy Mitchell
Liz Nilsen
Jessica Nobles
The Palmer Family
Karen Rowe & Rockwell School Staff
Chris Salmon
Steve & Nancy Temple
Tivoli Free Library
Danielle Williams
... and many others!

Thank you!

In September, 2011 the town of Owego, NY, where our nephews, sister & brother-in-law live, was devasted by flooding in the wake of Hurricane Lee. The elementary school was severely flooded just as the school year was commencing. In an effort to help, we started a drive to collect school supplies and books.

The response was overwhelming - we collected two truckloads of supplies, books, backpacks and other materials, as well as over $700 for gift cards to be used by families in Owego to purchase supplies.

Owego Elementary restarted classes in a borrowed building in a neighboring town on September 19th. We are glad to have been able to help in some small way, and are very grateful for all those who donated material, funds or their time to help out with this drive. The townspeople of Owego and the school families have expressed their thanks and gratitude for the outpouring of support from our community.

We have ended our collection drive, but there are still ways that you can help Owego rebuild and restore.

Chris & Wendy Barnabo
chris@spagnet.com and wendy@spagnet.com


Special Thanks

We'd like to thank everyone who has helped with this effort, and especially thank:


Pictures from the Flood

Thanks to real estate broker Tom Bronk for the video.